About Us


Soccer, known in most of the world as “football” or “futbol,” is the world’s most popular sport, with billions of fans and hundreds of millions of amateur players worldwide. And while it’s also one of the world’s oldest‐known sports, the traditional soccer ball still poses some challenges that can create barriers for players to enjoy and play the game to its fullest.

Traditional soccer balls are hand‐stitched and can be easily punctured or ruptured. They require frequent inflation with a pump and needle, which are easily broken or lost. As a result, the phenomenon and waste of deflated soccer balls is a common sight in the backyards of families with soccer players at home. The short life‐span of standard balls, and the expense of replacing them, means young people in disadvantaged communities are often left to play soccer with rocks, cans or “rag balls” made from trash, plastic bags, and string—and organizations that use sport and play for education, conflict resolution, health awareness and other life skills are forced to spend precious time and resources replacing balls to keep their programs running.

Our Mission

One World Futbol Project brings the healing power of play to youth worldwide by making, selling and distributing nearly indestructible balls that are proven to survive the harshest environments. We collaborate with sponsors, organizations, governments and consumers to deliver balls to disadvantaged communities where play and sport can be used to foster social change.

The Company

One World Futbol Project is mission-driven, award-winning B Corporation that sells directly to institutions, consumers, companies and organizations. We also work closely with corporations to craft sponsorship programs that enhance sponsor brands and create major benefits for communities around the world.

In addition, for every ball sold at retail to consumers through our website, One World Futbol Project donates a second ball to organizations working with communities in need. We also enable individuals, schools and other groups to generate ball donations through online campaigns.

One World Futbol Project was formed as a B Corporation—a company which uses the power of business to solve social and environment problems—for the purpose of distributing millions of One World Futbols to organizations who serve youth living  in challenging surroundings, such as war zones, refugee camps, isolated villages, disaster areas and inner-city neighborhoods.  We currently work with a growing global network of hundreds of organizations to distribute balls.  As a B Corporation, One World Futbol Project operates on a Triple Bottom Line, balancing the interests of: People, Planet, and Profit.

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The Ball

The One World Futbol is a nearly indestructible ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat—even when punctured multiple times. Whether for use on the street, at the beach, at home or on the roughest landscapes in the world, the One World Futbol will last for years.

Because of its durability, the One World Futbol enables players, organizations, adults and youth to play anwhere on any surface and save money and resources by eliminating the constant need to replace ball. The One World Futbol comes in both an adult size 5 and a youth size 4.

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The Team

Meet the team at One World Futbol Project.

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