CNN OutFront Outreach: Helping Mali Refugees

Erin Burnett - CNN/OutFront

Erin Burnett – CNN/OutFront

One World Futbol Project is working with CNN’s Erin Burnett/OutFront on their OutFront Outreach campaign “Balls to Mali.” The campaign will send nearly indestructible One World Futbols to organizations working on the ground with Mali’s refugee children.

The Crisis
During what Amnesty International called “the worst human rights situation in 50 years,” 250,000 people fled Mali when Islamic militants with links to Al-Qaeda took control of the northern part of the country.

CNN OutFront first reported on the crisis during the coup in March, and Erin Burnett became the first U.S. anchor to broadcast live and on-site from a Malian refugee camp, just miles from the country’s border. One of the most disturbing things that touched Erin from her time at the camp was watching young children at the camp playing with small dead birds as toys and asking her for soccer balls.

Give One World Futbols
Hoping to improve the situation, Erin Burnett OutFront has teamed up with One World Futbol Project to give a platform for people to donate One World Futbols to organizations working with youth in the camps. Because the One World Futbol never needs a pump and never goes flat, even when punctured, it is the ideal ball for the harsh environment where the Malian refugees are currently living.

Please join our efforts and “Buy One, Give One” or just “Give One” (both to the right) to donate a One World Futbol to the youth in the Mali refugee camps. Together, we can help make a positive impact and help better the lives of the children who have been displaced by the crisis in their country.


Power of Play

Our mission is to bring the healing power of play through the One World Futbol to youth living in disadvantaged communities worldwide. We believe that play is a necessity of life—children need to play to learn and grow. In play, every child is a superhero, dreams can be realized, traumatic moments are temporarily forgotten and healing can begin—that is the power of play.