Play is an important part of kids’ growth and development. Campaigns are a great way to get One World Futbols to disadvantaged communities and create a positive change in our world.

Help bring the healing power of play to youth at home and around the world by supporting one of our current campaigns—or start your own!

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A Ganar

Led by Partners of the Americas, A Ganar combats the serious problem of youth unemployment in Latin America.

Coaches Across Continents

Coaches Across Continents educates local communities on social development using soccer.

Never A Neverland

Give One World Futbols to Never A Neverland partners in Swaziland.

Past Campaigns

"Play It Forward" Giving Campaign

LA Galaxy Foundation is a nonprofit committed to helping children through educational, health and soccer based initiatives and programs.

/r/Soccer: Let's Go Play

/r/soccer is a community of passionate fans and students of the sport around the world.

Afghan KidsPlay

Afghan KidsPlay has been working for nearly a decade to bring laughter and play to the children of Afghanistan. 

American Dream 2014

We are driving to the World Cup and donating One World Futbols along the way.

Ball To All

Ball To All was founded with a simple premise: keep kids playing. The One World Futbol can help further this mission.

Bay Oaks Blue Bomber Girls

The One World Futbol Project is focused on bringing the joy of soccer to kids around the world and to those in our own backyard.

Bay Oaks U10 Soccer/Oakland Public Schools

One World Futbol Project is focused on bringing the joy of soccer to kids around the world and to those in our own backyard.

CNN OutFront Outreach: Helping Mali Refugees

During what Amnesty International called “the worst human rights situation in 50 years,” 250,000 people fled Mali when Islamic militants took control of the northern part of the country.

Carlsbad Lightning Soccer Club

Support Coaches Across Continents through our fundraiser!

Carolina for Kibera

A remarkable nonprofit organization that uses soccer to reach more than 55,000 residents every year in Africa's second-largest slum.

East Bay Eclipse - “A Ball for ALL”

East Bay Eclipse Soccer Club is teaming up with One World Futbol Project to send the joy of soccer to kids who need it most.

Eskilsminne IF - Friends of Eskils

Eskilsminne IF believes in the power of soccer to unite people on and off the field.


FUNDaFIELD is a nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of less fortunate youth in Africa with soccer fields.

Give the Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

One World Futbols make great gifts for anyone on your list, from kids and colleagues to friends and family.

Global Sports Corporation

Global Sports Corporation is raising One World Futbols for FADO Guatemala.

International Day of Peace (aka "Peace Day")

Post a photo, and we'll give a One World Futbol for peace.

Internet Football Association

Jeremy Affeldt (Pitcher, World Series San Francisco Giants)

“Generation Alive believes every child should play, deserves to play and should have the opportunity to do so.” – Jeremy Affeldt

Just a Bunch of Roadies

Just a Bunch of Roadies is a nonprofit organization formed by industry professionals to respond to humanitarian crises.

Kenya Krew Mission Outreach

Kick It! With Africa

The Earth Day Soccer Classic is the first ever bi-continental soccer tournament and Earth Day celebration that is bringing the world together, one soccer ball at a time.

Masetoni Primary School - South Africa

Masetoni Primary School is a public school in South Africa desperately in need of nearly indestructible One World Futbols.

Michelle B. Vessely, MD, LLC

Montessori of Winter Garden Charter School

Neema International

Neema International is committed to helping children experience the joy of playing sports.

Noahs Mitzvah Project

For my bar mitzvah project, I want to give One World Futbols to children in disadvantaged communities.

One World Futbol Project on Globo TV

One World Futbol Project was featured on “Globo Sports” and the Nightly News of Globo International in May 2013.

PLAY SOCCER Nonprofit International

Play Soccer runs classic sport for peace and development programs, emphasizing health, community and soccer.

Portland Barefoot Soccer

Project Pelota Eterna

Pelota Eterna is a campaign to provide nearly indestructible One World Futbols to underprivileged children and youth in Honduras.

Project for the Enhancement of Attention, Care and Education (PEACE)

Revlon Concert for the Rainforest

For every ticket that was purchased at the 2012 Revlon Concert, a One World Futbol was donated.

Richard Swanson - Breakaway Brazil

Richard Swanson - Breakaway Brazil

Richard Swanson was an inspiring man who – in a very short time – walked his way into our lives.


Your gift will allow young people in Senegal to play like Papiss Demba Cissé for years to come.

Sacramento State Rotaract

Sacramento State Rotaract provides aid to communities and workplaces locally and around the world.

Santa Cruz Beach Soccer Championships Presented by One World Futbol Project

The One World Futbol Project invites all registered teams to fundraise using the One World Futbol.

The Royal Pride

The Royal Pride strives to engage soccer fans with both Real Salt Lake and the local community.

Tigers in Tanzania

World Cup Denver

We are hosting a viewing party and raising One World Futbols for Carolina for Kibera.


We believe that soccer is an investment that will change the trajectory of a child’s life.