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Celebrities and Professional Athletes

“When Tim Jahnigen came to me with his idea for a football or ‘soccer’ ball that could be played on any surface and would never need a pump and never go flat, I immediately thought of all the millions of children and young people who could use the ball in refugee camps, conflict zones, and poor communities all over the world. I’m proud to have played a part in starting the One World Futbol Project. I hope you’ll join me in supporting the Project by taking advantage of the ‘Give One Get One’ offer, or making a donation to the One World Futbol Project Foundation.”

Sting, 16-time Grammy award winning singer/songwriter


“The One World Futbol will be a DREAM ball for millions of kids around the world! Imagine—a soccer ball that never deflates, never needs a pump or needle, never gets waterlogged, and even if you puncture it, it goes on playing. I’m proud to support the One World Futbol Project. Their goal is to distribute one million of these amazing balls in the next three years to young people who can’t afford them—people in refugee camps, war zones, poor villages, and inner-city neighborhoods around the world. This is one of the best ideas I’ve heard in years to make the world a better place through soccer.”

Julie Foudy, member of two FIFA Women’s World-Cup-winning U.S. teams and two-time Olympic gold medalist


“This ball will be like a gift to the children of Brazil. Imagine—a ball that never deflates!”

Denilson, Brazilian superstar and 2002 World Cup Champion


“This ball could do a lot of good world-wide. How incredible to have a sustainable futbol.”

Quinton Fortune, professional soccer player, midfielder, South African National Team (1996-2005), 1998 and 2002 World Cup, 2002 South African Olympic Team, Atletico Madrid (’96-’99), Manchester United (1999-2006)