Get the One World Futbol for Your Organization, Group or Institution

Practicing with the One World Futbol in Oakland, Calif. (Photo: Rory Earnshaw Photography)

The One World Futbol Project strives to improve the lives of youth and adults in disadvantaged communities worldwide by offering the ball at discount to organizations working on the ground in war zones, refugee camps, inner cities, and harsh environments for use in their work with individuals and communities in need.

Since July 2010, the One World Futbol has been introduced in more than 137 countries around the world through nearly 150 organizations working in sports for peace and development. Through organizations such as UNICEF, Semester at Sea, FUNDaFIELD and many others, One World Futbols are reaching communities across the globe.

The One World Futbol is the world’s first virtually-indestructible ball and solves a fundamental problem in the field of sports for peace and development by dramatically reducing the need for organizations to buy replacement balls repeatedly.

The ultra-durability of the One World Futbol enables organizations to continue their work for peace and development among disadvantaged youth, rather than spending time and resources on replacing soccer balls that have gone flat.

The One World Futbol is ideal for play in war zones, refugee camps, inner cities, disaster areas and other harsh environments.

The One World Futbol is an ultra-durable, all-terrain soccer ball that can be played on any surface without deflating: on concrete, sand, rocky fields, dirt, grass, etc. The One World Futbol never needs a pump or needle, never gets waterlogged, adjusts to differences in atmospheric pressure, temperature, or altitude, and it goes on playing even when punctured.

For information on ordering One World Futbols in bulk quantities, see Buy in Quantity.