How the ball came to be

Play AnywhereNever Goes Flat

From Inspiration to Reality – With a Little Help from Sting

One World Futbol co-inventor Tim Jahnigen with Sting.

Young Darfur refugees were engrossed in a makeshift game of soccer under the hot sun—with the “ball” a sphere made of trash tied up with twine and the “field” a patch of dirt and rocks with barbed wire for boundaries. Their game was captured on film by a news crew. Watching this footage at home, Tim Jahnigen, an inventor, song-writer, and music producer, was inspired at that moment to design a ball that played like a “real futbol,” but would never wear out, never go flat, never need a pump.

Tim’s idea remained in the concept stage until a chance conversation with world-renowned entertainer Sting. Once Tim shared his vision of a virtually-indestructible ball, Sting immediately provided the support needed to do the research and development. In recognition of Sting’s crucial, early involvement, the name of the ball and of the project are based on the song “One World (Not Three),” written by Sting. Sting continues to be an advocate for and supporter of the One World Futbol Project.