PLAY SOCCER Nonprofit International

Our partnership with PLAY SOCCER Nonprofit International dates to the launch of the One World Futbol Project at the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg, when we donated futbols for their local program in South Africa.

Play Soccer runs classic sport for peace and development programs, emphasizing health, community, and soccer. Since its beginning in 2001 with a program for 100 children in Ghana, Play Soccer has expanded to a network of six country organizations in Africa that have reached more than 40,000 children and youth.

With your support, One World Futbol will play a growing role in the world of Play Soccer. As the organization’s founder and executive director, Judy McPherson, says, “Instead of repeatedly having to replace standard balls, which are quickly demolished by rough terrain and heavy usage, the One World Futbol makes it possible for us to use our resources to provide healthy snacks for the participating children or to include additional health, social, and vocational skill-training for our youth volunteer instructors.”

Play Soccer’s program managers teach how the body works and how to best care for it with good nutrition, sanitation, clean water, hygiene, and disease prevention. They show how self-esteem, teamwork, respect, conflict resolution, and cultural awareness lead to change for ourselves and our communities. And they demonstrate how the rules, techniques, and sportsmanship of the world’s most popular game empower us to work as a team and master the skills for a successful life.

Play Soccer’s year-round program goes beyond the game, weaving physical, health, and social skills into a fun, activity-based curriculum, beginning with children ages 5-15, both girls and boys, to give them the earliest possible access to skills they need to lead healthy, productive lives. The group recruits and trains vulnerable youth to teach its program, helping build their skills and community leadership for the future.