Who We Are

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In Oakland, Calif., a little fun with the One World Futbol. (Photo: Rory Earnshaw Photography)

Who We Are
The One World Futbol Team currently consists of a core group of five people: Tim Jahnigen, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer; Lisa Tarver, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer; Eric Frothingham, Chief Business Officer; Sandra Cress, Director of Sales; and Mal Warwick, Partner; assisted by a worldwide network of advisors, supporters, funders, advocates, partners and a growing fan base.

Meet the five of us . . .

Tim Jahnigen
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

One World Futbol creator, Tim Jahnigen, has a proven track record as an unconventional and creative problem solver. He has developed systems and technologies with patents pending in a diverse range of industries, from construction and banking to science and medicine.

Recently, Tim pioneered the first infrared patient warming and therapy system for animals for scientific and surgical applications as well as for the home and human applications. This award-winning technology is used in labs, universities, hospitals, and homes from Singapore to Paris, at the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, and the U.S. military to improve procedures, outcomes and humane practices.

Tim, an award-winning lyricist and producer, has been part of Sting’s bi-annual Concert for The Rainforest Fund at Carnegie Hall for nearly a decade. For the last 12 years, he has written lyrics for multi-Grammy Award winning producer, songwriter and musician Narada Michael Walden.

Lisa Tarver
Co-Founder and Chief Giving Officer

Lisa Tarver has 25 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector, both international and domestic, as well as experience starting and running a family business. She worked for more than a decade in community organizing, grassroots fundraising and in regional- and national-level organizational development and finance. In 1992, she moved to El Salvador, where she lived for five years, working with poor communities ravished by years of civil war. Upon her return to the U.S., Lisa continued her nonprofit work, including organizing a massive humanitarian response to Hurricane Mitch, which devastated Central America in 1998.

In the past 15 years, while raising a family, Lisa has served on the board of directors of two local independent schools, chairing the long-term planning and finance committees, serving on the committee of a major capital campaign, and serving as board chair for two years.  She has also been actively involved in the local soccer community in the role of coach, team manager, league volunteer and all-around soccer mom and fan.

Since 2006, Lisa has been co-owner of a start-up company that has developed innovative infrared warming therapy devices for animals for use in veterinary hospitals, research facilities and for pets at home.

Sandra Cress
Director of Sales

Sandra Cress brings two decades of experience in the international sports scene, having worked on three Olympic Games, a FIFA World Cup, a Women’s World Cup, and a Pan American Games.  Sandra also served as Director of Soccer for Nike Sports Entertainment, and worked on South Africa’s 2006 World Cup bid.  Sandra spent four years with the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative as Tanzania Country Director, and as Director of Country Operations for the Clinton Foundation’s Operations Research Division.

Sandra has an MBA from UCLA and a Master of Public Policy from Princeton University.  She currently represents One World Futbol Project as Director of Sales, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mal Warwick

Mal Warwick is one of the world’s leading authors, consultants, and public speakers on direct response marketing and fundraising for nonprofit organizations and is a leading advocate for socially- and environmentally-responsible policies and practices in the private sector. Mal is the author of “Fundraising When Money is Tight: A Strategic and Practical Guide for Surviving Tough Times and Thriving in the Future,” which was his 19th book.

Mal is the founder and chairman of Mal Warwick Associates|Donordigital (Berkeley, CA, and Washington, DC), a fundraising agency he established in 1979 specializing in direct response fundraising and marketing for nonprofit organizations, principally online and by mail. He has played a leadership role in the fundraising and direct marketing fields, both nationally and internationally, and is the recipient of several prestigious awards.

Mal served for four years as chair of Social Venture Network, a peer-to-peer network of leading entrepreneurs and investors who have pioneered in advancing the Triple Bottom Line in business. His 19 books include: “Values-Driven Business: How to Change the World,” and “Make Money, and Have Fun,” co-authored with Ben Cohen, as well as several standard fundraising texts.