Spirit of play

One World Futbol: Helping sustain the spirit of play for children worldwide

One World Futbol brings the joy of play to children around the world. (Credit: FUNDaFIELD)

Play helps us learn and brings us joy. Play helps us recover from trauma and helps us cope with poverty, war, and natural disaster. Children around the world need to play.

Organizations around the world are harnessing the power of play through sports as a vehicle to bring people together to teach HIV/AIDS education, conflict resolution, leadership skills, gender equality, health,safety and life skills, and to simply bring the joy of play to children and youth around the world.

Help us share the power of play around the world.

Whether for beach soccer, street soccer, or play in your own backyard – or for use on the roughest terrain anywhere around the world – the unique One World Futbol never goes flat, never needs a pump, never gets waterlogged, and will last for years. Designed as a soccer ball for play in war zones, refugee camps, poor villages, and troubled inner-city neighborhoods worldwide, the One World Futbol is ideal for soccer and many other games – anywhere, anytime, under any conditions.

Through our “Buy One, Give One” program,we will donate a One World Futbol for every ball you buy. Donated balls go to organizations working with disadvantaged communities around the world.  And even if you don’t need a ball for yourself, you can still help with our “Give Balls” option.  Either way, we’ll make sure that a One World Futbol is delivered where children and young people are in greatest need, and you’ll be giving the gift of play, a gift that can help change the world.

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In Jharkhand, one of India’s poorest regions where human trafficking is epidemic, One World Futbols are used in soccer programs to improve the quality of life for young girls and help them gain confidence to take charge of their own future. (Credit: YUWA)

A young boy in the highlands of Bolivia, ready to play. (Credit Slade Cogswell)

The Malian Association for the Promotion of Girls and Women (AMPJF) uses football to bridge generations and cultures, and to create strong and self-confident women with social awareness. (Credit: Joe Conti)